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1. Genome Assembly:

Pseudochromosomes (unmasked): galu_pseudochromosomes.fasta.gz
Assembled scaffolds (unmasked): galu_genome_scaffolds.fasta.gz
Assembled contigs: galu_genome_contigs.fasta.gz
Optical Map: galu_optical_map.xml.gz

2. Gene Models:

Gene models:

3. Gene Functional Annotations

Annotation of the Reference Gene Set

4. Transcriptomic Data:

Assembled 454 contigs from mycelia sample: galu_assembled_mycelia_EST.fasta.gz
Assembled 454 contigs from primordia sample: galu_assembled_primordia_EST.fasta.gz
Assembled 454 contigs from fruiting bodies sample: galu_assembled_fruiting_bodies_EST.fasta.gz
RNA-SEQ genes FPKM: RNA-SEQ_gene_levels

5. Gene Cluster of AntiSMASH:

Please review the results of AntiSMASH analysis from  Gene clusters.

6. Compounds of G. lucidum:

Please review the structures identified in G. lucidum from here.
For questions and comments, please send email to cliu@implad.ac.cn or yjzhu@implad.ac.cn.

Last Updated: Nov 2nd, 2014

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